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Hey I'm  James

and if you're here then like me you're sick of all the BS out there on treating your anxiety.

Want a method that actually works and is just for you? 

Then your in the right place!

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So Why the bold claim?

Because it's true.. 

But mostly because I live and breath my methods daily and they can be adapted to ANYONE's life making them completely unique to YOU.


With my background as a suicide survivor with socail anxiety I have spent the last 10+ years developing this method on myself without the need of ANY clinical invention.

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The AF Method

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

My Anxiety Freedom Method is all about working with you to break down all your anxiety related barriers (and there is more then you think) so you can be truly free from your anxieties allowing you to thrive! THIS IS NOT A CURE but your life will change for the better forever!

Sounds like something you could get on board with? hit the read more below to find out how i can help you become free and thrive.