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Meet James

Anxiety Coach, Fitness Coach...

Personal trainer, nutritionist, hypnotherapist, guest speaker for the NHS, trustee for a young carers charity, ex forces...

All of the above doesn't really matter if I'm honest with you,   it just shows you i'm qualified to do what i do but doesn't tell you about me as a person or what i can offer you!

What matters the most to me and hopefully you too is that I live it and came out the other end to become a husband, a father, home owner, business owner who just so happens to be a suicide survivor who has social anxiety.

Why does this matter?

it shows my character, it tells you what you can expect from me, it tells you i'm dedicated to my client's, i'm straight talking and i won't give up.

it's also tells you i value others and appreciate that life throws us all curves balls.

and most importantly it tells you ..I've been there.. i'v done it, made all the mistakes so you don't have to and  i've come out the other side STRONGER.

i'm happy to go into more detail about me but I'd much rather learn about you so why not book in a FREE discovery call and let's chat!


Why my methods 

Firstly it's not a my way or the high way kind of thing!
My ethos is 
a-lot closer to me being your Sat-Nav more then anything.

We will work closely together using what you have, like, love, hate and what troubles you NOW and work on solutions that you can implement TODAY i don't dig up your past unless we feel it is needed or you tell me about it first.

By the end of our first (maybe second) session

you'll see me more like a friend you can trust wit your deepest secrets and know i will keep you on the right path to successfully freeing you from your anxieties.

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