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About The AF Method

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

The Anxiety Freedom (AF) Method isn't your typical anxiety management system to help you "discover" what you already know exists..

This system evolves and changes with you and helps you identify barriers in your life that you might not of even noticed were there!

Everything in life is interconnected (wait hear me out)..

for example your sleep, affects your mood which affects your workload which causes you anxiety.

How about, low self esteem effects your eat habits which then has a negative effect on your motivation and productivity?

The AF method will help with ALL of this not just the fancy stuff life coaches like to talk about.. we are talking


What is covered with the AF Method:

Health and Fitness


Body Image and self confidence 

Burnout and Procrastination

Personal Growth

Anxiety Management

But don't panic

I'm not telling you this to put you off, in fact the opposite!

I only work with driven individuals that want to take control of their lives and are willing to hold themselves accountable.


Because there are 3 main reasons why you're stuck in life and they all take work to balance out:


1. You struggling to see things from all angles

2. You're self doubt is holding you back

3. You're lacking structure and purpose


Being proactive in your own development is the only way out but you don't have to do it alone!

If you're ready to work with me, remove those anxiety barriers, maybe discover ones you never knew where holding you back and thrive in your own life then book your FREE discovery call today!


Most of my clients come to me because they are LOST.

They are stuck where they are in health and life striving for more but something is holding them back from seeking that moment where it all slots back into place.

Sound like you?

Good, that just means you're in the right place!

And before coming here i bet you tried all the favourites too like

podcasts, self help books, other coaches, meditations etc

And thats fine but it hasn't work has it!

So heres the hard truth: IT TAKES WORK, there are no easy fixes for anything in life so why expect this to be different

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