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Don’t Fear Failure

A lot of people have this fear of failure but today i want to speak to you about WHY you shouldn't fear it!

But to not fear something we need to understand what it is…

SO..According to google

Failure is..

The LACK of success

This is horribly broad… basically it's saying if you’re not a success then you must be a failure!

which is a bit harsh..

I’m unsuccessful at things all the bloody time..some times daily!

stuff like sticking to a schedule,

minimising my daily to do list,

making time to workout the list goes on.

This does’t make me a failure!

Ok how about this one from google..

"an unsuccessful person or things"

So straight away again your labelling yourself, as a failure for unsuccessfully doing one thing!


As babies we fail non stop, all day, everyday just so we can be successful at something and learn from our failures.

None one has ever said your baby is a failure they have tried to walk and fallen once, tired to speak a word and mumbled so they are forever branded as a failure!

BUT however if you have said this then shame on you and you wasn’t loved enough as a child!

Holding on to the concept of failure is just as a bad

negative thinking will only grow more negative thoughts and it's something we can't avoid your going to fail at least once..

Oh I failed to put the washing out

no you didn’t you got side tracked by some other important shit you probably had to do..

And before we go to whats important to you , me or anyone else it's always subjective.

To the time frame you deem it important, to the level of need in the task etc, so yes that important thing might just be your friends called you on the phone and you chatted for 30-60 mins so what …

at that moment in time, that to you was the most important thing you could of done..

Accept it and move on..

Now back to failure.

Firstly you can’t learn from winning if you win you have done everything right.

So if you continue to win without experiencing failure two things are happening

  1. You're going to get complacent and that will lead to mistakes

  2. You're not pushing yourself hard enough and so you won’t grow

Either way you are going to get a shock very soon and possibly lose momentum

Now I’m not saying you can’t keep winning and if you're putting yourself on the line every time and coming out on top of bigger and harder challenges then there is only one simple reason.

You’ve put in the work and failed where it counts so you can win and grow where it matters.

Take sports professional, on the training ground this is where they take their risk..

they keep taking the risk because it a safe environment and they keep doing it until that risk pays off and they translate this into a game situation where the reward high and the risk is now low.

So without failure there is no growth no room for improvement and no where to go.

I’m going to leave you guys with two things to think about today when confronting and understanding failure especially when it comes to taking risk and accepting failure to grow.

Firstly your not perfect and never will be…

perfect is a myth and if you achieve what you see as perfection then you’ve set the bar really low especially when it comes to business

Yes it’s nice to say I’m prefect when it comes to body image but again this isn’t healthy.

Learn to accept what you have is better than convincing yourself you're perfect.

perfection only leads to wanting more.

BUT thats for another podcast episode

LASTLY and apologise if this triggers anyone

If I never failed at anything… I would of SUCCESSFULLY completed a suicide attempt and I wouldn’t be here today to help you!

if this is something you can relate to and feel you need help to resolve then get it contact to book a discovery call with me so we can start putting you back on the right track to success!

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