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What is Anxiety Freedom

Well firstly lets tell you what it’s not!

It’s not a cure for one!

It’s not being FREE of your anxiety … I’ll explain in detail further down

It’s not waking up one morning “fixed

And it’s defiantly not something you can just be over night!

Anxiety freedom is the freedom to live your life the way you want to WITH your anxieties,

it’s accepting it for what it is but also being in control of it to the point you no longer fear it.

It’s also accepting sometimes you just can't control it and thats fines too

"we can drive car but we can't influence the drivers of other cars."

So what's the point of having Anxiety freedom

Well it allows you to live your life 100 times better then what you are now for starters.

It allows you to notice early warming signs in your mental health that you never knew were there before and teaches you how to adapt your behaviour so you can intervene early before it gets to the point of it being out of control.

But it also allows you to recognised when you need to just let go and stop fighting and allow it to win once in awhile. Think of it a bit like Venom and Eddie Brock, it’s a bit extreme but...

Once Eddie understood a bit more about what Venom is and whats going on he learnt how to manage it and control it. He understood that he control be in control all the time but he also knew when to let it take control as it would keep him safe.

it was a struggle but they both learnt to live in harmony

Again extreme example i know.. especially if you’ve read up about venom but the basics is there!

In future posts I’ll teach you have to recognise your own anxiety triggers and early warning signs as

i'm sure there is going to be plenty of you out there who are unsure whats going on and are struggling to recognise what barriers are there that are stopping you

My clients often believe one thing is holding them back when it’s actually something completely different and I’m going to help you discover this.


The Fitness and Mind Coach

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